Danger! Rapid Weight Loss Diets Can Kill!

If you're tempted by a "Rapid Weight Loss" scheme, hold your horses! Any method of dropping pounds and inches in a very short period of time guarantees you'll lose water and possibly muscle mass. Neither one is good for you. Since you are already about 70% water, leave that alone!

More importantly, losing muscle because your body "cannibalized" it for protein is a recipe for disaster! You'll reduce the amount of fat burning muscle and make it more likely you'll regain all that weight AND THEN SOME, because you won't have as much working muscle to burn fat.

Worst of all, if you're already out of shape, starving yourself or using a gimmick to trick your body into shedding just weight could put you at risk for a whole range of health problems. I'm not a doctor (and I don't play one on television), but I can tell you that people die every year from fooling around with diet scams and dangerous methods of lightening the scale. They don't get rid of the fat, either!

Take the time to plan out a simple, common sense diet and exercise program. Even if you feel helpless when it comes to planning out a routine and diet, by starting now, you can avoid never starting at all.