No Hoodia, No Borscht!

There’s a difference between fat burner food and fat burner food supplements. A supplement may be a natural, organic substance, but it isn’t a meal. Food is easy to understand. The hype surrounding supplements and their “fat burner” properties is difficult to understand. The same goes for things like the cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit diet, etc.

It’s one thing to curb your appetite, it’s another to mess with it. By taking an appetite suppressant like Hoodia, or eating cabbage soup, which is an acquired taste outside of Mother Russia, you will curb your appetite. But why would you want to do it this way?

While Hoodia has a great reputation, that’s not the same as FDA approval for safety. Despite the bashing it takes, the Food and Drug Administration has a simple job which it does well: ensure the safety of food and drugs. Yes, you can argue that Hoodia isn’t a drug, it’s natural. Natural does NOT equal safe. Hemlock is natural and will kill you dead. Ask Socrates. Ephedra is natural -- and the scientific proof that people have died from it without warning is growing each day.

As for gulping down gallons of cabbage soup to lose weight, that’s okay if you like it. If you don’t, I strongly suggest you consider another alternative. Instead of looking for ways to trick your body with herbs, supplements, distasteful foods and the like, try working with your body instead. Discover the real fat burner food that works today.